Latest Publications, Articles and Symposiums (Resume)

2016 E-Knot Project Toulouse, November 22-24, 2016 ENAC, France, Toulouse. Course
diploma. Integrity Monitoring for Safety-Critical Applications

2016 Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change Open Access. Use of satellite imagery,
remote sensing and GIS related technologies to improve the sustainability of marine ecosystems. Special reference to Copernicus/MyOcean program. ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Earth Sci Clim Change DOI: 10.4172/2157-7617.C1.027

2016 World Conference on Climate Change, Lecturer. Oct 24-26, at Valencia, Spain
« Use of Satellite Imagery, Remote Sensing, and GIS Related Technologies to Improve sustainability of marine ecosystems. Special reference to Copernicus / MyOcean program».

2016 “Global Ocean Week”, What can ocean monitoring bring to society ?. 10-14 October

2016. Toulouse, FRANCE. Copernicus Marine Service. Assistant.

2016. 7èmes Rencontres “Droit et Espace”. 13 October 2016. “Espace et Finance”. SIRIUS.
Course Assistant.

2016 Inspire World Conference 2016 Barcelona, Sept 26 to Sept 29 2016. Lecturer and Poster panelist. Poster Sessions: « INSPIRE and sensitive data dissemination » with Delphine Miramont, and « Inspire Directive and MyOcean (Copernicus) applications ». Parallel presentation « Inspire and GEOSS »

2016 Space Institute for Research on Innovative Uses of Satellites (SIRIUS). Appointed
International Research Assistant. Toulouse 1 Capitole (France)

2016 IAST Discussant, The Competition for Network Positions. Innovation, Finance & the Law Conference Networks, Information and Business Toulouse, Monday, June 27, 2016, Organized by Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse, TSE & Center for Law & Economics, ETH Zurich.

2016. Note published for Space Institute for Research on Innovative Uses of Satellites

2016 E-Knot Project. 30 March-1 April 2016 UPC, Spain, Barcelona. Barcelona. Fundamentals of GNSS. Course.

2016 17ª Conferencia del Ciclo La Noche del Conocimiento: Exoplanetas. MENSA España.
‘Exoplanetas, en busca de nuevos mundos. Ponente : ‘Aspectos Institucionales relativos a la búsqueda y hallazgo de vida de origen no terrestre’.

2015. Lecturer Symposium organized by the Astronomic Association of Girona, 11 December,

2015. «EXOPLANETES : a la recerca de nous móns : “Aspectes Institucionals relatius a la
recerca i a la trobada de vida d’orígen no terrestre”

2015 SIRIUS Space Institute for Research on Innovative Uses of Satellites, 6èmes Rencontres « Droit et Espace » L’industrie spatiale face aux nouvelles dynamiques du marché mondial, Toulouse, 29 septembre 2015 au Conseil régional Midi-Pyrénées (Salle de l’Assemblée). Réservoirs de croissance aux confins des applications mobiles et de l’observation de la terre?…….. “Un paradigme juridique”

2015 Winter edition ZLW Article « Satellite Imagery and its Use as Evidence in the Proceedings of the International Criminal Court ».