Workshop: Outer Space and environmental values

It is essential to provide young students, practitioners, and professionals in every area of expertise to comply with all the environmental laws and regulations.

The law of the Outer space law embraces many initiatives in this regard, such as satellite remote sensing (Copernicus), Satellite Navigation Programs to detect marine endangered species and their habitat.

Copernicus constitute one of the greatest efforts and initiatives to promote downstream services and commercial solutions from space to Earth. Copernicus encourages users to foster user data aimed solutions to protect the environment and, in particular, to render data related to, inter alia, salinity, biochemistry, tides, temperature, ice sheet, oil spill detection and much more. In this regard, location of effects and harmful activities that may provoke irreparable damages can be prevented from happening. Examples like oil ship bunkering, marine soil drilling, protecting marine mammal species by controlling the parameters covered by Copernicus, are just a few examples of the utilities of the program. In addition, smart and adventurous entrepreneurs should be capable of turning hurdles into opportunities. For instance, if a multinational company wants to avoid fines and sanctions for damaging the environment, a smart and sustainable solution can be found before performing such type of activities like drilling the marine surface of the sea bottom with no control. Another alternative could consist of avoiding the use of fossil resources and to Even though it is just a personal remark, that would be too much to be asked bearing in mind how humankind gets the energy from.

Certain companies (sadly) would prefer to pay the fines and sanctions than exploring other alternatives to fossil resources and, thus, avoiding polluting the environment. Despite the fact that the present thesis intends to prepare a “solid foundation” for a future international convention capable of regulating private satellite imagery and data online transactions under a global private system of systems, liability and responsibility are also an essential asset that should be highlighted. Indeed, educating with environmental values will help to raise the consciousness of all the people of the Earth.